Accurate Estimate:

We will interview key personnel, gather tax returns and other data needed to come up with an accurate estimate of your R&D Tax Credit for the year being filed. This will help you decide if the amount is worth pursuing and will serve as the basis of providing you with a fixed fee for our work.

Fixed-fee Pricing:

Based on the complementary estimate we will provide you a guaranteed fee quote. If we under estimate your benefit, we will not raise your fee. Should there be a significant over estimate we will adjust your fee accordingly. Working with R&D Tax Savings Co. is fixed fee and risk free.

Qualified Team:

Our team includes specialized experts in law, accounting and engineering as well as researchers and project managers. Our team has been doing R&D Tax credit audits since their first creation in 1981 and will find every dollar of qualified R&D expense to maximize your benefit.

On-Site Analysis:

Our professionals will visit your site to study your work process, organization, interview key personnel and collect key research, development and financial data. Our effective process is efficient and will not burden your day-to-day operations.

IRS Audit Protection:

In the current year, claiming your tax credit should add no extra risk of audit. It is public policy to stimulate research and development activity and claiming a tax benefit for R&D is no different than deducting depreciation or other deductions and credits that reduce current taxes.

Whether you choose to do the current tax year only or go back up to three years, our team will handle the nitty gritty of substantiating our work.