About us

R&D Tax Savings Co.

Our senior team members have been active since 1981, the very beginning of R&D Tax Credits. The team includes expertise in law, accounting and engineering. We will analyze your business expenses and determine the maximum claim for R&D Tax Credits legally permissible at Federal and State levels.

We then provide your CPA with everything needed to file your return accurately with little or no additional CPA expense. Our team is well known in the tax credit field. Should there ever be any questions regarding how the benefit was determined, the extensive engineering based study we provide in writing will substantiate your claim and our in-house legal and accounting team is always available to participate in defending our work.

We provide you with:

  • An accurate, fast, and no obligation R&D tax credit estimate
  • Guaranteed fixed-fee pricing based on a conservative estimate of the tax credit benefit
  • A highly qualified engagement team including attorney, CPA and professional engineer
  • On-site, in-depth interviews and analysis of your R&D related operations and expenses
  • Documentation binders which satisfy IRS due diligence requirements
  • IRS audit protection