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Our senior team members have been active since 1981, the very beginning of R&D Tax Credits. The team includes expertise in law, accounting and engineering. We will analyze your business expenses and determine the maximum claim for R&D Tax Credits legally permissible at Federal and State levels.

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Working Process

Perform Complementary Preliminary Estimate

Our preliminary assessment is complimentary. Our team that includes legal, accounting and engineering expertise determines the scope of your R&D tax credit opportunity through initial interviews and data review. If you have sufficient Qualified R&D Expenditures we then provide a customized plan for project execution and a fixed price for our work.

Perform On-site Interviews & Data Collection

We do extensive on-site interviews with key personnel and collect the necessary documentation. The goal is to maximize your "Qualified R&D Expenditures". This is the basis for determining your credit.

Prepare Tax Forms

We provide the tax form needed by your CPA to claim your R&D Tax Credit on your tax return.

Deliver Documentation Binder

Our on-site interviews, and the documents we collect provide the basis of your custom Documentation Binder, which includes our study that supports your R&D Tax Credit claim. You keep this on file in case of any future need to substantiate your claim. In the rare event at any time of a question our team is available at no charge to support you and your CPA.

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